Frequently Asked Questions

About using our products

Q: Can I take the products with my existing medication?

Yes you can. However it is advisable to visit your doctor after one month and conduct a blood test because the chance is great that you will need to lower the amount of your prescription drugs.

Q: How long do I need to use the product before seeing an improvement in my health?

Obviously that depends on the nature and severity of your condition. Not to forget your lifestyle. For someone suffering from pain caused by inflammation, it could take as little as one week whereas someone suffering from fibromyalgia up to four months.

Q: Must I take the capsules before, during or after meals?

It does not matter. However it is advisable to take them with your meals because studies have shown that they help promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the foods.

Q: Can I take the capsules anytime?

Yes. However it is advisable to take it before night time. Experience has shown that if taken later, it could prevent you from sleeping, especially when taken with coffee.

Q: How many capsules can I take per day?

In general two. However this is flexible depending on the gravity of your condition. In cases of debilitating illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, up to 4 caps per day can be taken.

Q: Can I take ImmuSANO, GlucoSANO and GROH together?


Q: I noticed increased bowel movement when I started using the product. Is this normal?

Yes. The product contains a high concentration of natural fiber that contributes to the detoxification of the body. This can be experienced within the first week of using the product and can last 2 to 7 days depending on the level of toxicity in the body.

Q: Do I have to keep taking the product?

No. However it is advisable to do so to prevent recurrences of chronic inflammation. The cost to keep using the products is much lower than to use fresh fruits and vegetables while they do not contain the levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that just 2 capsules of the products contain.

About availibility & shipping

Q: Where can I purchase the products?

At select establishments

Q: Do we ship internationally?

Yes. Our products can be shipped internationally to most places.